We invite you all to get involved with this community collaboration led by Baton Beats music leader Rob Tilsley. Here Rob looks at different instruments and rhythms that are used in samba. We want you to have a listen to the videos below and then record and submit yourselves playing any parts of your choice, which Rob will then combine into an awesome video.

Once you have recorded your part(s) you can send us your the video(s) or audio file(s) by going to www.wetransfer.com uploading your file and sending it to rob@plymouthmusiczone.org.uk.

If you need any more information or any help with the recording and file sending process then please do email Rob rob@plymouthmusiczone.org.uk or send us a message via our Facebook page.

We hope to have your contributions coming in by the end of September but if you need longer just let us know.

We look forward to making music with you!!