We invite you all to get involved with this community collaboration led by Baton Beats music leader Rob Tilsley. Here Rob looks at different instruments and rhythms that are used in samba. We want you to have a listen to the videos below and then record and submit yourselves playing any parts of your choice, which Rob will then combine into an awesome video.

The steps to take part are:

  1. Pick and learn a rhythm from the videos below.
  2. Create audio or video of you playing the rhythm at 80bmp for about a minute. Here's a metronome video to use for your timing and a video explaining how to record yourself.  Note that you can use your photo to film a video of yourself or just the audio, but you can also send us a video and ask us to just use the sound and not the images if you prefer.
  3. Send Rob your video or audio -  by going to www.wetransfer.com uploading your file and sending it to rob@plymouthmusiczone.org.uk.
    We use WeTransfer because it can send large files which email might struggle with. If you haven't used it before don't worry as it is quite easy to use but email Rob to ask for help if you have any problem. Please note that by submitting your media you are giving permission for us to use that material publicly. If you prefer us just to use the audio from your recording you can state that when you send us your file.

The videos and audio will be combined into an artistically rendered samba video and shared across our channels.

If you need any more information or any help with the recording and file sending process then please do email Rob rob@plymouthmusiczone.org.uk or send us a message via our Facebook page.

Please send us your recording by 14th November.  We are hoping to get lots of people joining us and appreciate every single entry, from people of all ages and abilities.

We look forward to making music with you!!

To get started, pick a rhythm from below...


Surdo Primeira

Surdo Terceira


Agogo Bell






To Make it Easier

Here's a video you can play along to. Just plug in your headphones and jam along with your beat whilst recording yourself!

How it All Began

Why Samba? Here’s an intro…