Plymouth Music Zone: Research & Evaluation

Here you can read some of our research and evaluation we hope may be be of benefit to the wider community.

Knowledge Exchange – Learning Partnership

The University of Plymouth was awarded almost half a million pounds in 2020 to fund an innovative partnership project, enhancing…

Singing for Aphasia

Research to study the benefits of singing for those with Aphasia. Researchers from Exeter University ran a research programme with…

Beyond Words

This 2 year research project focused on how the arts use the unspoken and how those who face problems communicating with words (such as those with dementia, stroke, autism and learning difficulties) are valued and included across communities.

Reaching Out

Reaching Out: the impact of music-making on individual and community development in Plymouth

Feeling their Way

Feeling their way: Women and children using music to navigate transitions from domestic violence. An evaluation of PMZ’s work with…

The Power of Songs: Keep Singing, Keepsake

The ‘Keep Singing, Keepsake’ Project works with older people in a range of residential and community settings. A weekly group singing session is designed to strengthen social ties and improve emotional wellbeing among the participants.