The Musical Misfits is a music making group for those age 55+. They meet on Wednesdays at Plymouth Music Zone from 11am to 12pm.

The group named themselves, in recognition of their diverse skills, musical and other interests. They are a caring and energetic group who share a love of life and a great sense of fun.

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The Group

Music Created by The Musical Misfits

Leaving on a Jet Plan

This new group have only been working together for a few months and they are already having a great time making arrangements of some classic songs as well as thinking about their own original material. Here is the John Denver song, ‘Leaving on a Jetplane’, including vocals, Guitar, Celtic Harp, Piano, Percussion. A beautiful session – we wish you could have been there!


Metal Music

Exploring music together means many things, but in early October 2019, musicians in Plymouth Music Zone’s ‘The Musical Misfits’ (55+years) were limited to a palette of metal-only objects and instruments. Here is our first ‘metal’ piece created by 8 musicians including this rather splendid metal mixing bowl…