The Musical Misfits is a music making group for those age 55+. They meet on Wednesdays at Plymouth Music Zone from 11am to 12.30pm.

The group named themselves, in recognition of their diverse skills, musical and other interests. They are a caring and energetic group who share a love of life and a great sense of fun.

Our music leader that runs this workshop is  Anna Batson. Feel free to drop Anna an email or contact us here to find out more.


The Group

Music Created by The Musical Misfits

Leaving on a Jet Plan

This new group have only been working together for a few months and they are already having a great time making arrangements of some classic songs as well as thinking about their own original material. Here is the John Denver song, ‘Leaving on a Jetplane’, including vocals, Guitar, Celtic Harp, Piano, Percussion. A beautiful session – we wish you could have been there!


Metal Music

Exploring music together means many things, but in early October 2019, musicians in Plymouth Music Zone’s ‘The Musical Misfits’ (55+years) were limited to a palette of metal-only objects and instruments. Here is our first ‘metal’ piece created by 8 musicians including this rather splendid metal mixing bowl…