Katie Swan

Katie Swan


What do you do for PMZ?
I feel so lucky to do the job I do. I’m here to reach out and find the people who might be interested in supporting PMZ. I get to tell them the amazing stories of PMZ with the aim of inspiring donations so we can do even more work. Seeing people support something they love, in a way that’s right for them, is a real privilege. The only thing better than being a part of the joy of giving, is doing it for such an incredible organisation.

Do you play any instruments?
Sadly no. Over the years I’ve had failed attempts with the keyboard, flute, cello and the guitar. But now that I’m surrounded by incredibly talented people every day, I hope they can help me realise the dream of actually playing an instrument. Watch this space.

What musical instrument would best describe you and why?
Tough question. I think maybe the drums. They can be loud or quiet, methodical or spontaneous. But they are always reliable, keeping things moving and they make a great noise!

What has music done for you in your life?
Music has always been the thing in my life that I haven’t had to have any skill at, but have still been able to love and enjoy completely.

What’s the best bit about working at PMZ?
Being able to work with all the incredible people who are a part of PMZ. They are the soul of this organisation and are a truly inspiring bunch.

What’s the first record/CD you ever bought?
Thriller by Michael Jackson. But I had to share it with my older sister which wasn’t easy.